Why we needed your feedback:

In many Member States the CEN standards are used in the building regulations in a "practical way", e.g. by copying parts of the technical content into national documents (see P90).

The full implementation of these CEN standards in the EU Member States appears far from trivial.

Further harmonization of the calculation procedures at European level will lead to more transparency and efficiency and to better competitiveness.

So the main question is: What are the main obstacles for a further implementation of these standards in the building regulations?

The responses have been used to prepare recommendations to CEN for the second generation of CEN standards to support the EPBD, to be prepared within the next few years.

What kind of feedback we needed:

To organise feedback we employed instruments such as questionnaires, discussion documents and workshops.

We collected, analysed and discussed good practice examples and major obstacles on the implementation of the CEN standards in the national or regional building regulations.

This may concern procedural aspects and/or related to the content of the CEN standards.

Probably the answers are different per standard or cluster of standards!




Several questionnaires were sent out to contact persons, on procedural aspects and/or related to the content of the CEN standards.  

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Events and publications:

The Events and publications section of the website contains reports and Information Papers on results of questionnaires, case studies and workshops.

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